Barwon Heads


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Near Geelong in Victoria, this beautiful coastal township situated on the Bellarine Peninsula straddles the west bank of the Barwon River estuary near the Murtnaghurt Lagoon saline lagoon below Lake Connewarre.


Group Goal

The Barwon MangroveWatch team have focused their attention on surveying and monitoring the lower estuary of the Barwon River. There is only one mangrove species present, namely Avicennia marina.

The Team

Catch up with Julie, Jodie and the others.


MangroveWatch program engaging community members and indigenous groups in shoreline monitoring and assessment activities guided and trained by the JCU MangroveWatch Hub using the Shoreline Video Assessment Method (S-VAM).

The S-VAM surveys provide baseline data on the condition and structure of shoreline habitats and shoreline processes. In addition, shoreline surveys will enable the identification and mapping of local management issues, as well as assisting to identify culturally significant shoreline areas.

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