Noosa River

The name Noosa is believed to mean "Shady Place", an Aboriginal term.

The Noosa River flows predominantly north to south, beginning in the Como Escarpment, passing through the western basin to meet Teewah Creek before flowing south across the Noosa Plain. It then flows between Lakes Como and Cooloola before entering Lake Fig Tree and Lake Cootharaba, continuing to Lake Cooroibah and Lake Weyba and finally enters the South Pacific Ocean at Laguna Bay.

The Noosa River, some 60 km long, is the major drainage element contained within the Noosa River Catchment and the Great Sandy National Park. Source: NICA

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Noosa River Mangrove Watch - Linking community and science to protect valuable mangrove ecosystems

A new NICA project funded by Caring for our Country Community Action Grants

Noosa Integrated Catchment Association (NICA) has recently embarked on a novel community mangrove monitoring project in partnership with the University of Queensland ‘Mangrove Watch Hub’

Mangrove Watch project meeting on Noosa mangrove boardwalk

NICA’s Stephanie Haslam introduced the project to the community at the Noosa Mangrove Boardwalk on a very warm Saturday morning, 19th February, coinciding with one of the highest tides of the year. Indeed, as the tide raced in, surface flotsam was building up against the bearers while on the other side of the boardwalk a myriad of tiny fish amongst the mangrove roots was visible through clear water. Stephanie, author of Noosa’s Native Plants, has a special interest in mangrove systems, and has prepared a 7 species mangrove identification card especially for the Noosa River system, now available for river users.

The aim of Noosa River Mangrove Watch is to engage the local community in a science-based monitoring system resulting in an annual report card to inform planning & resource managers & the public. The Noosa River Mangrove Watch will be officially launched on the 16th-17th April 2011, when University of Queensland (UQ) mangrove experts, Dr Norm Duke and Mr Jock McKenzie, will present to the community a special information session about mangroves, as well as the project methodology and field trials. NICA, Duke and McKenzie hope that through community engagement and local knowledge, permanent visual records of the current mangrove and river bank ecosystems of the Noosa River will be used for future comparisons or land / resource planning purposes. Noosa River Scene They intend to achieve this by recording 100 kilometres of Noosa River mangrove systems on video and still camera while aboard the NICA Noosa River Rangers patrol, followed by submission of the footage to Mangrove Watch for analysis.

It is hoped that through this project local communities & all levels of government will gain increased knowledge & interest in the protection of mangrove ecosystems.

NICA is keen to hear from members of the community who:

  • wish to attend the Noosa River Mangrove Watch official launch 16th-17th April
  • local artists who would like to exhibit at the official launch artworks and photographs inspired by mangroves
  • wish to become an active local “Mangrove Watcher”
  • have an eco-friendly business and would like copies of the Noosa River Mangrove ID card

Contact Noosa Integrated Catchment Association Inc.

33 Thomas St, Noosaville
Tel/Fax: 07 5449 9650
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Community Volunteers

A key feature of MangroveWatch is its close partnership between community volunteers and scientists from the James Cook University’s Mangrove Hub. Together they are systematically recording basic data as video and still imagery for assessments of estuarine habitat health.

Armed with expert support, training and advice, MangroveWatch volunteers in key regions are actively contributing to the monitoring of local estuaries and shorelines. An important goal in this phase of the program is to develop a network of like minded groups with the aim of producing public documents that describe important issues affecting local estuaries and mangroves, and their overall health.

Donations & Sponsorships

MangroveWatch Ltd is a registered charitable company in Australia. To achieve its goals and those of community participants, the program relies on funding and sponsorships to keep things going.

Donations and Sponsorships will be acknowledged on this site.

We need support for:

  • Community volunteers for small vessel hire and fuel
  • Field kits - costing up to $AUD3,000 each
  • Promotional items and awards such as T-Shirts and hats
  • Website maintenance
  • Computers and support for shoreline assessments by the Mangrove Hub

If you can assist any any way then contact us at the Mangrove Hub

MangroveWatch Handout

You can download our fact and information sheet to get more information about the MangroveWatch program.

Mangrove Watch Brochure

You can download our fact and information sheet (see link below) to get more information about the MangroveWatch programs.

Mangrove Watch Brochure